Best Browser for Security

Best Browser for Security
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Hi, guys here I am going to tell you some best browser for security purpose.

This post will be the final post of your search for the best browsers.
What is the best browser?
    No Fix source will provide the list of the best browser. All browsers have a special motto for developing it (, speed, graphical interface). It totally depends on you to choose that which is the best browser for you. This means for which purpose do you need the browser. Here we are getting about browser for security. 
What is mean that browser for security?
    Sometimes if you are doing any secret work that time some unknown person can see what you are doing, it's not easy but not impossible also, But if you are using a secure browser then you can avoid these things.  OR if you are doing work on cybersecurity that time you need to hide your IP address for being 
anonymous. And there are many more events where you need to become more secure. In all these cases the browser with more security must be used.

Now see the Best browser for security

Let's get started
1. Tor Browser
        The Tor(
The Onion Router) is used by most cybersecurity students or experts. It Nothing does much but what it does is enough for ranking in my post.
        It hides your IP address by making a layer of different IP's on your browser. That means you are totally anonymous. Even cyber cell can't track you.
        But there are a few disadvantages also.1)It doesn't provide the best graphical interface. 2)Due to the layer of IP's the internet gets slow.

2. Chrome
    Chrome is a well-known browser offered by world-class company Google. The security of chrome is awesome. While surfing any page, first it identifies the page security and shows the warning msg. If a page is a little bit harmful then there is an option to proceed unsafe site. But if it's more harmful it directly Blocked it. The same things happen while downloading any content. It is very hard to break the security of chrome to steal the data of the user for an anonymous person.
        With the security, chrome offers many amazing features. Like extensions, by the chrome webstore, you can enjoy many amazing extensions and good looking themes. The graphical interface is too good. The default search engine is google.
        All things are good but your IP address is publically visible and anyone can track you. For solving it you can use any VPN extension.
        The brave browser is also becoming one of the growing Browser in the technology market. The Brave has almost the same features as chrome, due to it people thinks it is a clone of chrome, But actually, both are chromium-based browser which is open-source browser.
        Nothing more special in it instead of 3 things that are not available in chrome. These are- 1)It has an inbuilt ads blocker means you can save time while surfing or watching youtube. 2)Here you get the reward for surfing the internet. 3)It has a special window which is "Private window with tor". It hides your IP from a search engine.
        But there is one problem which is the window with tor not exactly runs like tor browser, It never makes an IP layer. Even they tell us that we hide IP to search engine, but works because some sites can see your IP.

4. Edge
Microsoft Edge is also a well-known browser offered by Microsoft. It is also a chromium-based browser where you can access internet explorer(who made our past life best). Therefore many features are the same as other chromium-based browsers. 
        It consists of many best features which are amazing, such as:-Advance copy-paste, vertical tabs and speed is also best. The default search engine is Bing. The graphical interface is too awesome.
        The security of the browser is the best as other chromium-based browsers. You can also add the extension to EDGE by the chrome web store. 

5. Mozilla Firefox
        Firefox is a great all-around browser for privacy and security. It offers strong privacy protection features, many customization options, excellent security, and regular updates with an active development team. The newest version of Firefox is fast and lightweight with many privacy customization options.
        Within the Privacy & Security settings area, there are many useful customization options for different levels of privacy: StandardStrict, or CustomAnother great benefit of Firefox is the ability to use numerous browser extensions that can enhance your privacy and security. 

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