Nigeria banned Twitter for deleting the President's tweet

 The country's government shut down Twitter just two days after the president's tweet was removed, saying it violated the rules.

The controversy erupted once again when the government of India and Twitter started arguing over new rules on social media in India. In Nigeria, on the other hand, the Nigerian government has banned Twitter indefinitely after Twitter directly deleted the president's tweet.

Twitter has deleted a tweet from Nigerian President Mohammed Buhari saying he violated the rules. The government then announced on Friday (local time) a ban on Twitter. But in the midst of all this confusion, the Indian company Coo is now trying to replace Twitter in Nigeria. If the Coo company succeeds in this endeavor, the company will definitely have better days.

Apumay Radhakrishna, co-founder of Koo, has tweeted after the ban on Twitter in Nigeria. “Koo is now also available in Nigeria. We plan to offer services in local languages. What do you think about this ?, ”Apramey said in a tweet. In this tweet, he also shared a screenshot of the coupe available in Nigeria.

The company is based in Bangalore and is entirely Indian, said Prameya and Mayank Bidavatka, the company's founders, in an interview with

What happened in Nigeria that Twitter was banned?

In a statement issued by the Nigerian government’s Ministry of Information and Culture, the country’s government announced that Twitter, which has microblogging and social networking sites, has been banned indefinitely. This was reported by African News. On Wednesday, Twitter deleted a tweet from President Mohammed Buhari, saying it violated the rules. Reacting to the tweet, many in the country accused the president of inciting war.

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What is in a deleted tweet?

In a deleted tweet, President Mohammed Buhari referred to the 30-month war between 1967 and 1970 in a tweet for those who want the government to fail. It is alleged that the ambassador provided the information to the opposition. Those who are acting irresponsibly today cannot predict what happened in the war in Nigeria, how much damage was done. Many of us were on the battlefield during those 30 months of war. We have gone through that warlike situation. Buhari had tweeted on Tuesday night that he (the opposition) would be answered in a language he understood. The same tweet was deleted by Twitter on Wednesday.

Why not delete their tweet?

Broadcasting Minister Lai Mohammed has accused Twitter of having an agenda to delete the tweet, according to African News. What Twitter wants to do in Nigeria is very skeptical. Lai Mohammad raised the question of why Twitter did not delete the violent tweet from Nanmadi Kanu. Kanu is the Leader of the Opposition. Kanu lives in Israel and is fighting for the eastern part of Nigeria to gain independent recognition as a country.

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Twitter company supports insurgents....?

Some time ago, when people were setting fire to police stations in the name of agitation in the country, Twitter claimed that it was their right to protest. However, when the same thing happened in the country's capital, Lai Mohammed accused him of being called a rebel. Following the deletion of the President's tweet on Wednesday, the Nigerian government questioned the role of Twitter, saying the US company's policies were contradictory. Nigeria says the company supports the rebels.

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